About Us


Founded in 1996, Cedar Grove Productions is the independent production company which first brought the heroic saga of Holocaust rescuer Chiune Sugihara to American and International movie audiences with the 1997 Academy AwardŽ winning dramatic short film, VISAS AND VIRTUE. This small creative family was first formed to pay tribute to Mr. Sugihara by adapting Tim Toyama's one-act play to the big screen, and takes it's name from the literal translation of the courageous diplomat's name: sugi meaning cedar, and hara meaning field or grove. They remain dedicated to developing projects which boldly defy mainstream Hollywood by giving Asian Americans the spotlight on stage, or the close-up on screen.

Recently, Cedar Grove Productions presented "The AJA Circle: Artists of Japanese Ancestry," an educational forum for young Japanese actors, featuring such noted panelists as Wakako Yamauchi, George Takei and Tamlyn Tomita. In addition to AN INDEPENDENCE DAY, they are also developing a dramatic feature film about the Japanese American World War II experience endured in American's concentrations camps, and the inspiration and hope this imprisoned community gathers through baseball.

Contact: cedargrovemail@aol.com.